Youngstown State University

Project Overview
YSU entered into a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) contract with Carbon Vision. Carbon Vision is the owner of the solar PV system and they sell the power that the solar system generates to the university. The starting power price is ~12% below their current electric rate. At the end of the contract period, YSU will own the system and receive FREE solar power for the remaining useful life of the system.
Technical Specifications
System Size: 54.99 kW DC
System Type: Ballasted roof mounted array with 10-degree module tilt
Location: Youngstown State University – Moser Hall, Youngstown, Ohio
System Components: 
·         234 * Schuco 235 W Polycrystalline (Each module is 235 Watts)
·         Inverter: 6 * SMA Sunny Boy 8000 (Each inverter is 8000 Watts)
·         Racking System: Northern States Metals Solar Flexrack ballasted roof mount system Made in Youngstown, Ohio
·         Monitoring: Deck Revenue-Grade PV monitoring system and SMA Web Portal inverter level monitoring.

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